In the USA
ADPCA - Association for the Development of the Person-Centered Approach
A professional organization with international membership, Publishers of the Person-Centered Journal

Association for Humanistic Psychology

Carl Rogers Archive at the University of California Santa Barbara
Library Archives of Humanistic Psychology includes Writings, video and audio tapes Carl Rogers, Virginia Satir, Rollo May and many other authors .

Center for Studies of the Person

The Focusing Institute

The New York Person-Centered Resource Center
(NYPCRC) is an informational website established to create awareness of Person-Centered activities and to help promote the Person-Centered Approach in New York City.

Person-Centered Expressive Therapy Institute - Natalie Rogers

Kids' Workshops offer training to encourage children in Person-Centered manner to grow into adults who live more profoundly.

British Association for the Person Centred Approach

CCI Co-Counselling International

International Archives of the Person-Centered Approach
In Dutch, French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, German - Director: Alberto S. Segrera

The Person-Centered Website of Peter F. Schmid

Network of the European Associations for Person-Centered and Experiential Psychotherapy and Counseling

World Association for Person-Centered and Experiential Psychotherapy and Counseling (WAPCEPC)