Phenomenological:- An approach in which the focus is on the indivividual's direct reports of experience (Eysneck 2009, p 26).

Idiographic:- Relating to the study of individuals (the free dicitionary).

Congruence:- Consistence between self-perception and experience (Passer & Smith, 2009 p 677).

Need for Positive Regard:- For acceptance.sympathy and love from others (Passer & Smith, 2009 p 677).

Unconditional Positive Regard:- The person is inhernetly worthy of love regardless of accomplishment or behaviour (Passer & Smith, 2009 p 677).

Need for positive regard:- The desire to feel good about oursleves (Passer & Smith, 2009, p 678).

Conditions of Worth:- The circumstances under which we approve or disapporve of ourselves (Passer & Smith, 2009 p 678).